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NY Developer Creates Street View of the Big Apple For 1930-40s'

If you grew up in New York City you can probably find your childhood home too.August 17, 2020So, 720,000 photos taken between 1939 and 1941 sitting around in the New York City Municipal Archives had been digitalized a couple of years ago. The photos were taken to catalog every building in the municipality for the New York City Tax Department, with the collaboration of then-newly-formed Works Progress Administration.
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New VR Game Shows the Dangerous Consequences of Skipping the Flu Shot

The interactive game has actually been successful in influencing people& 39;s intention to get the flu shot.January 06, 2020In a desperate attempt to get people to finally take their flu shots, a researcher is trying a new Virtual Reality (VR) game, as reported by Fast Company. Glen Nowak, director of the University of Georgia’s Grady College Center for Health and Risk Communication and the principal investigator on this new VR research, believes that what impedes flu shot adoption is a false notion that the condition is easily treatable.
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Defense & Military

U.S.' $500 Million Navy Railgun Won't Be Joining the Ranks Anytime Soon

The futuristic weapon isn& 39;t completely written off, but its development has taken a major slow turn.April 29, 2020The U.S. Navy& 39;selectromagnetic railgun was meant to be hailed as the ultimate weapon of the future. A super-powered canon that can obliterate its target from 100 nautical miles away at speeds of Mach 6, or 4,500 mph, it would have been impressive, to say the least.
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Next-Generation of Cloud Computing: Distributed Cloud

Cloud Computing is not a new concept. In the 1960s, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology& 39;s (MIT) Project MAC, a collaborative project on Mathematics and Computation, already carried out computer networking experiments.In 1969, a Computer Networks group was created in order to allow people on different computers and in different locations to access and share the programs and information located on a single computer.
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Human Race Has Changed North America More Than Last Ice Age, Say Scientists

A new study suggests humans have changed North America more substantially than the last Ice Age.August 17, 2020Human use of land and fossil fuel extraction have wrought unspeakable levels of ecological damage — exacerbating global climate change and hastening the loss of biodiversity — but new research shows the scale of global change the human race has caused is greater than that of an ice age, according to a recent study published in the journal Science.
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FDA Bans Fruit and Mint Flavored e-Cigarettes

FDA says ban goes into effect in thirty days.January 02, 2020The U.S. Federal Drug Administration followed through with its plan to ban e-cigarette products that contain fruit and mint flavors.In a press release, the government agency said under the ban any companies that don& 39;t cease manufacturing, distributing and selling flavored cartridge-based e-cigarettes within thirty days could face enforcement action by the FDA.
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